Date: Tuesday, March 28

Time: 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

Room: Pistache

Sustainable Funding for Farm to School Programming

  • Aimee Retzler, Co-Director, Sierra Harvest

  • Amber Stott, Founding Executive Director, Food Literacy Center

  • Moderator: Sheila Golden, Director of Programs, CAFF

Through fundraising portfolios that include a blend of individual donor cultivation, online campaigns, grants and strategic partnerships, nonprofits Sierra Harvest and Food Literacy Center have diversified their income streams and reduced their reliance on restricted grant funding. For example, Sierra Harvest grew from less than 1% unrestricted to over 90% unrestricted grant funds while increasing their budget 6-fold in 3 years. Food Literacy Center grew into a $500,000 organization in just four years. Both agencies have expanded program growth: Sierra Harvest grew from 1 school to 25 in six years, while Food Literacy Center grew from 1 school to 9 in five years. Learn how to put systems in place to build your fundraising portfolio, volunteer base, and to leverage creative partnerships to fund--and sustain--your Farm to School programs.