Date: Tuesday, March 28

Time: 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

Room: Ginkgo

Preparing for a Farm to School Kitchen: Technologies and Techniques for the Beginner and Expert

  • April Cunningham, Food Systems Program Coordinator, North Coast Opportunities, Inc.

  • Mark Duesler, Chef Consultant, Food Service Technology Center

  • Michelle Chandler, Lake County Farm to School Program Assistant, North Coast Opportunities, Inc.

  • Richard Young, Director of Education, North Coast Opportunities, Inc.

  • Terre Logsdon, Lake County Farm to School Coordinator, North Coast Opportunities, Inc.

  • Moderator: Allie Hoffman, Program Manager, CAFF

Mise en place, the French culinary phrase meaning to have "everything in its place," refers to organizing and arranging the ingredients and equipment that will be used to prepare the meal. Besides a passion for farm to school and local food sourcing, school food service staff and their kitchens also must have "everything in its place." The right equipment, recipes and training are key to beginning and sustaining the success of farm to school menus. This workshop explores both the beginning and advanced farm to school kitchens.

To begin a farm to school menu, a few key pieces of equipment are must-haves in the kitchen otherwise scratch-cooking quickly becomes too labor- and time-intensive. After establishing successful Farm to School programs in Lake and Mendocino Counties, North Coast Opportunities has found that a few key pieces of equipment, staff trainings and recipe development assistance, will allow school districts to greatly increase their local procurement and adopt farm to school menus.

Diving in deeper, engineer Richard Young and chef Mark Duesler, will give both technical and culinary advice on how to achieve a more advanced Farm-to-Fork kitchen, using advanced equipment that school foodservice professionals can leverage to bring maximum flexibility and food quality to their cooklines.