Date: Wenesday, March 29

Time: 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Room: TBD

Food Lab and Farm Lab - Two Cutting Edge Programs that Immerse Students in Farm and Food Education

  • Emelia Miguel, Food Service Director, Pacific Elementary School

  • Lea Bonelli, MS, RD, Director of Child Nutrition Services, Encinitas Union School District

  • Mim Michelove, Director, Farm Lab, Encinitas Union School District

  • Moderator: John Fisher, Director of Programs and Partnerships, Life Lab

What if school meal programs were scratch-cooked by students everyday providing relevant edible education to all kids? What if school district's ran their own farms to educate students and grow school produce? Food Lab in Davenport, CA and Farm Lab in Encinitas, CA have made these questions a reality. Learn how these districts have embedded farm to school culture and programming into school meal and academic programming.