Date: Tuesday, March 28

Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Room: Ash

Catalyzing Communities: Bringing Food Culture to Schools


  • Al Baylacq, Owner, Good Earth Natural Food Stores/Good Earth School Lunch

  • Guillaume Pfahl, Head Chef, The Conscious Kitchen

  • Judi Shils, Executive Director & Founder, Turning Green & The Conscious Kitchen

  • Moderator: Angie Corwin, North Coast Regional Manager, CAFF

Addressing school food issues from a holistic, systems-based perspective provides an exciting opportunity to bring various cross-sectors together in communities, catalyzed by a common goal, which is the health, well-being and life outcomes of the children residing in the community. A first step is to build collaborative relationships with a variety of stakeholders. By working together to provide healthy, local, organic chef-prepared school meals in on-site zero-waste kitchens, local food systems and economies are revitalized, children are nourished, and school behavior and academic performance improves.

Hear from a chef, a natural independent grocer, and the founder of an innovative, replicable place-based school dining model called The Conscious Kitchen, to learn how collaboration has impacted school food and the surrounding community.